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“Conflicting thoughts of love”

I think my mind undresses you when I think

It gets more obscene in the thick of night.

You dress to perform a homicide on me, take my self control and let me keep my soul.

The biggest blessing when I look at you is a blink

That comes with a fidget, no “good without a bit of evil” !


How do I unknow the truth that torments me so much ?

I curse the day I first laid my eyes on you 

And bless the sleepless nights in my mind that I lay with you..


What am I saying?


Reality is you are not my size

I hope that phrase will keep me sane,

My conscience battles my mind..

My oh my!

We all know, with feelings it is “one size fits all”


Infatuation seasons facts then gives you something new to believe in

Who has the new chronicles of love?

I think Cupid has failed me.

Cupid why do you throw me in a world of gravity just to watch me fall?

Falling in love has no definite landing, nonetheless, I glide with pity and ego


Eyes wide shut or fully closed I see the one who drags my heart like a magnet

Love is not blind,

It settles in the hearts of the ones who let their hearts lead the way

Like the stick of the blind man, love is not blind!


I am tired of fighting my feelings I will just give in as if it were oxygen.

Let this love burn slow I love the natural fire that keeps me warm…


Young or old

Rich or poor

Whatever the contrast…

To love and to beat is for the heart,

A God given contract, it is eternal.

Poem titled “Letter to my crush” written from the point of view of a man falling in love with a married woman.

You can never master the art of love

Since the feeling is renewed every time you smile.

When you are happy to love to full potential,

And when you are sad it feels like snow in your heart chambers but it is still love

It never vanishes it is complex, it is mystifying.

It did not take me long to noticing the heartbeats

That bump the wildest when you come to mind

If I could create my own universe..;

I would rearrange the alphabets and only choose the letters “you’re mine”

Time has a tendency to assume what you like when you want something you can’t keep,

And so I envy the one who has your heart…

                                                                         #With love

                                                                         #Your brain handicapped poet,me!♥$_Million_${look}


Every wing knows how to fly

But not everything in the sky flies

Everything your eyes see is what you choose to believe


Light is as far as your eyes can see

Then I got mine closed, I envision my dream and

God will see to it that my fantasy materializes.

Live like life has no trial- Hope_


My name is Sandile Dlamini

Feel free to be John Doe, Jane Doe..

We are made of different flavor mine is DARK SWEETNESS.

Life has enough room for mistakes

Leave that door not closed – Courage_


I tell you that I live free

And you hold back like a tail

Can I spell FREEDOM for you !

Cast a FREEDOM spell on you to free you from YOU.


You think my pen will write your story

Then you’ve got the wrong poet, sorry !


Your character is the reflection of your soul

Then let me write this poem on a mirror


This gives you hope then all the better,

No more “What If’s”.



An entry to the world of numbers and words

Phrases that describe, adorn or paint the brain so faint with vivid imagination


Songs and praises that take my mind to the edge of ecstacy

Like a drug.

It is so easy to play with words like dies,

Cubic shapes that determine a win or lose.

In words of breath I relate

I sing

I recite,

Rotate and rotate..


In my right mind I write,

My mind is poetry

The power of poetry is to free the mind to think as you like

The power of poetry is “Power- to the third power”


Poetry is imagination,



Dear fear why won’t you let me be?

Can I get a moment to myself.

To think free like when old folks give advice for free

“Fear reminds you that the strong will always be tested”

I say                                                          ♂♀

“Aye-aye captain!

I paddle up from rock bottom to hydrogen heights

I’m sending a message

Hear ye, I break free!

In the midst of wings, feathers and air I stand firm and suspended”


Do you hear me essence of delusion?

A lack of faith and negativity you are

If I could turn the page and start on a clean slate

I feel the raging urge!

You blind me with deceit and allow me to see my flaws

An atom of total emptiness, I question physics

The element of ‘Empty’ you invoke

Yet I survive every storm.

All the stress you bring will never take away my strength

You’re a storm in a teacup


Silly fear I drop a tear no more

Let these words be your shears to remove yourself from my ego

Shut off your project, let my pride project to the sky like a fire fly

Silly fear can you see me?

Rainbow in the sky, this peacock just learned how to fly…

By: Sandile Dlamini..ℑÜ©∈


Can Two Groups Who Are Wary of One Another Have a Civil Debate?


In these polarizing times, is it possible for two groups who are suspicious of one another to come together, set aside their differences, and have a productive conversation? In The Washington Post, Robert Samuels reports on what happened when two groups of men — anti-sharia activists and Muslims — decided to meet and have a civil debate:

The men talked for two hours at a branch of the Halal Guys, mostly about Wright’s fear that the mosque was still funding terrorists. Ghouri explained that the mosque’s leadership helps vet donations to ensure they don’t go to bad actors. He explained how their religion is a peaceful one.

“I’m not sure I believed him,” Wright said. “But I did get a free lunch out of it. I had a halal sandwich. That was good s—.”

Wright maintained that he didn’t learn anything about Islam from the conversation, but he allowed…

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Love is that moment a heart smiles without a face
When a heart beats without a band
That element you cannot see on the periodic table,
But you know that it is there..
The right amount of crazy and a fair amount of sane.
Read this with the lips that once told me that
A breath is a beautiful way to respire and a beautiful way too,
To say I love you!
Lips that taste better than old wine,
An old line I use to describe
A flavor so fresh like grapes with ice water dew
It depicts the beauty of violence in wine making..
The battered grapes that bleed every drop of their juices
Oozing out of the fruit skin
A gush of bad medicine that tingles my taste buds.

Kiss me until I go numb
No wait…!
Do not let me go now!
Hold my hand tight as if we were a glove of garlic
As if we had magic

Bewitch me so I can bring
“U” closer to “I”
Cast a spell and freeze time, trim the alphabets
Twenty-six is a crowd
You and I is a couple
Let us keep them in that order..
“U and I” makes sense I could not sell this idea for a cent…