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Dear fear why won’t you let me be?

Can I get a moment to myself.

To think free like when old folks give advice for free

“Fear reminds you that the strong will always be tested”

I say                                                          ♂♀

“Aye-aye captain!

I paddle up from rock bottom to hydrogen heights

I’m sending a message

Hear ye, I break free!

In the midst of wings, feathers and air I stand firm and suspended”


Do you hear me essence of delusion?

A lack of faith and negativity you are

If I could turn the page and start on a clean slate

I feel the raging urge!

You blind me with deceit and allow me to see my flaws

An atom of total emptiness, I question physics

The element of ‘Empty’ you invoke

Yet I survive every storm.

All the stress you bring will never take away my strength

You’re a storm in a teacup


Silly fear I drop a tear no more

Let these words be your shears to remove yourself from my ego

Shut off your project, let my pride project to the sky like a fire fly

Silly fear can you see me?

Rainbow in the sky, this peacock just learned how to fly…

By: Sandile Dlamini..ℑÜ©∈


Can Two Groups Who Are Wary of One Another Have a Civil Debate?


In these polarizing times, is it possible for two groups who are suspicious of one another to come together, set aside their differences, and have a productive conversation? In The Washington Post, Robert Samuels reports on what happened when two groups of men — anti-sharia activists and Muslims — decided to meet and have a civil debate:

The men talked for two hours at a branch of the Halal Guys, mostly about Wright’s fear that the mosque was still funding terrorists. Ghouri explained that the mosque’s leadership helps vet donations to ensure they don’t go to bad actors. He explained how their religion is a peaceful one.

“I’m not sure I believed him,” Wright said. “But I did get a free lunch out of it. I had a halal sandwich. That was good s—.”

Wright maintained that he didn’t learn anything about Islam from the conversation, but he allowed…

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Love is that moment a heart smiles without a face
When a heart beats without a band
That element you cannot see on the periodic table,
But you know that it is there..
The right amount of crazy and a fair amount of sane.
Read this with the lips that once told me that
A breath is a beautiful way to respire and a beautiful way too,
To say I love you!
Lips that taste better than old wine,
An old line I use to describe
A flavor so fresh like grapes with ice water dew
It depicts the beauty of violence in wine making..
The battered grapes that bleed every drop of their juices
Oozing out of the fruit skin
A gush of bad medicine that tingles my taste buds.

Kiss me until I go numb
No wait…!
Do not let me go now!
Hold my hand tight as if we were a glove of garlic
As if we had magic

Bewitch me so I can bring
“U” closer to “I”
Cast a spell and freeze time, trim the alphabets
Twenty-six is a crowd
You and I is a couple
Let us keep them in that order..
“U and I” makes sense I could not sell this idea for a cent…

I had the most wonderful weekend with my boo “(Monkey and I am Piggy)”! We’re going for the 11th month now and madly in love like we met a few hours and a day before. 😍 The best lady in the world, my wonder woman. I like to tease her all the time and when she laughs my world stops spinning like it’s a signature applause 🐷🐵.  I love you my one true bestest’est friend 😊, pardon the grammar. We’re “krazé” like that20170924_16593420170924_16584820170924_17002020170925_114902